Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Mounting of the Hood

Our cooker hood went bang on Saturday.

Today I became the owner of a shiny new one with a useful little booklet explaining its fitting, use and maintenance. Here are some excerpts from the booklet:

Mounting of the hood in the lower part on an hanging cupboard...(using an drill and an Rawlplug, presumably).

Changing from exhausting hood to the filtering one - In order to make this change...demand a set of carbon filters to your deales. (Just bang on the shop counter until they hand them over).

The filter (c) has to be applied to the aspirating group, which is inside the hood hitin the centre of the group with it and turning it of 90 degrees until the stop click is heard to lock it. (What ? What?)

Warning!! Under certain circumstances domestic appliances may be dangerous. (Thanks for the tip; I'll try to avoid banging my head on it once it's attached to an hanging cupboard).

English as she is spoke. Don't you just love it!


Anonymous said...

Written by Yoda the booklet was not!
For fitting with you the force may be.

chris hale said...


Fitting easy was the. Wall on the hanging now it is.

The hang of this Yoda speak have I not.

Shut up now I shall!

Stevyn Colgan said...

It would have been easier to read in Lolcatz. I are haz cucker hud!

Janet said...

LOVE those dangerous domestic appliances!