Monday, 9 April 2012

A work in progress

I was to have been dancing today, at the Ram Inn at Firle and in the village of Alfriston. But it was not to be. Some typical Bank Holiday weather (rain and high winds) put paid to Long Man's planned programme. So, after a consolatory pint of Harveys bitter, I trundled off home to watch Midsomer Murders. And, in an idle moment, started writing a modern sea shanty. As you do.

Twas on a bonny morn me boys
We sailed upon the sea - oh
All for to catch the silv'ry fish
And have some for our tea - oh


And it's heave ho me jolly lads
Let's start the outboard motor-oh!
Heave ho, we're homeward bound
'Cos we've passed our EU quota-oh!

Our skipper bold threw out the nets
Some seafood for to slay - oh
He caught some crabs and a couple of dabs
And threw the rest away - oh


The skipper sighed and sadly said
'There'll be no pay today-oh
For those in Brussels have decreed
We throw good fish away-oh


If anyone's interested in writing a few more verses, please feel free.