Monday, 27 October 2008

Sussex by the sea!

I thought it about time I livened this blog up a bit by sticking in a few pictures. Acres of print can be deadly dull. For anyone who doesn't know, this is a series of cliffs called the Seven Sisters. They lie on the East Sussex coast to the west of Eastbourne. I took the photo a few months back when summer was still with us. You may have noticed them briefly in the film Atonement, or in any one of the many calendars available extolling the beauty of Britain.

Travel a little further west and you come to Hope Gap. A ricketty set of steps takes you down to a shingle beach full of rockpools and seaweed. We took a few photos whilst we were there, but it wasn't until we downloaded them onto the computer that we saw something rather strange about this one:

Look at the rocky outcrop in the centre of the photograph. It looks for all the world as if there's someone standing there. He is facing out to sea, and has his left arm raised. He might almost be holding a pistol. In fact, the whole thing is a trick of the eye, brought about by the shapes and colours of the rocks.

In a more recent visit to Sussex, whilst atop Seaford Head, I came across something even stranger:

I thought it might make a useful addition to Stevyn Colgan's I see faces theme. I wonder who he is. Someone called Rocky, perhaps? Or one of The Stones?


Anonymous said...

Nice pics. That one of the mystery man that isn't there reminds me of that now infamous pic/vid of "Bigfoot."

chris hale said...

Rob, come to think of it, you're right. Spooky, eh?

Janet said...

Really nice photos. Looks like a part of England that I need to see.

When I saw the "face" at Seaford Head, I immediately wondered if it could be the remains of Mr. Seaford - hence the name of the location.

But then that would have been more correctly called "Seaford's Head", wouldn't it? Never mind. I'll go back to work now.


chris hale said...

Thanks Janet.

It is indeed a very pleasant part of the world. Seaford Head is about midway between Brighton and Eastbourne.

Mr. Seaford? Sounds like some kind of beefcake talent contest!